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Specialists in all aspects of Facilities, Workplace, Property, Programme and Project Management

Candour Facilities Management, first choice for Facilities and Estates reviews, office fit outs and space management, providing good honest and reliable advice.

Candour – an open, honest and ‘can do’ approach to your facilities management

Do you have a property portfolio?

Do you need help with facilities management?

Do you want to explore opportunities within workplace optimisation?

We’re specialists in all aspects of Facilities, Workplace, Property, Programme and Project Management – and in the spirit of Candour, you can trust us to be open and honest about the work that we do.

When it comes to taking good care of your property AND getting you the maximum return from your investment, the team at Candour are at your door and on your side. We’ll take time to get to know you and to look at your whole operation. We’ll look at how services are provided and managed, and can advise you on the best possible use of your space – from just one single office, to a full estate portfolio.

It’s likely you already know that a well-managed workspace can bring many benefits to any business, but here’s a quick reminder. Well-managed and optimised space can:

  • boost workplace morale and performance
  • enhance your brand
  • attract top talent

Sound like something you may want to brag about?

Why opt for Candour?

One of the reasons more and more businesses are choosing to invest in management of their property portfolios, is because it can free up time and focus for them to concentrate on running their actual businesses. At Candour, we deal with everything from the sourcing of suppliers to the compliance with contract regulations, meaning that any headaches you’d usually associate with disruption and admin are a million miles from your thoughts. No reaching for the phone, no reaching for the aspirin.

As a valued client of Candour, you’ll have a dedicated team directly assigned to your project, with our team having selected the best personnel to fit your particular facilities management and property needs. We’ll make sure everything goes to plan, to schedule, and to budget. From initial introduction through to project completion, we can assure you that every stage will be expertly handled and thoroughly advised. 

In being as open and honest as our name suggests, at Candour, we can do your

We offer service improvement and value-added cost management as standard in all we do, so if you’re new to the world of property portfolio management, or you’re more experienced having had a less than positive experience with either another company or from doing it all yourself, pick up the phone. It could be the last call you need to make in ensuring that your property really opens doors.

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If your are under pressure managing challenges around your property contact us, we can help.

Problem Solving

If you’re reading this in the hope that Candour can solve the problem you’re having with your building or estate in terms of its effective management, then keep reading. Not everyone has the resources, time or skillset to look after such things from within their own business. It’s also worth noting that outsourcing to a specialist in the build environment can offer you a fresh perspective when it comes to workplace optimisation on what is likely to be one of your most expensive assets. Ready to make some changes?

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Forward Planning

When it comes to the built environment, we’ve been around the block. But despite our vast experience, we’re anything but old-fashioned. We’re ready to take your business to the next level – the same way we have done for so many happy clients to date (LINK). At Candour, we’re open with our insights and honest about how we can most effectively and efficiently transform your business. We’re proud to help shape how leading companies structure and manage their businesses. Could you be the next name added to that list?

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Straight Talking

Candour is your ‘go to’ team for business development through the medium of open, honest and clear-cut advice. We look at what the most successful organisations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and we make a note of which ones are doing it best. We then use smart tools and resources (and a dollop of good sense) to understand the implications of every brand choice and organisational decision. We’ll advise you on what works, what doesn’t, and what just might bring you success if we put some thought into it.

Candour are specialists in all aspects of Facilities, Workplace, Property, Programme and Project Management

We will help you to improve your Property Portfolio

Candour are able to specify, design and lead the implementation of Workplace and Facilities Management services, mobilisations, transitions, operational delivery models, improvements, change programmes and supporting frameworks to improve the built environment, be this for one office or several buildings

Facilities Review

Turning a new page

Clients often approach us wanting to review their business and facilities operations. This can be a simple review of an individual contract or of the complete estate management.

Our services cater for clients interested in modifying or changing their companies current operation and who are unsure how to do it or do not have the in house expertise.

Reviewing and improving the current service is a major goal for many business people, as the more productive their contracts and workforce is, the more value they can bring into their businesses.

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Floorplate - Large business contact centre ready for occupation

Fit Outs and Refurbishment

Breathing new life into business

Office fit out and refurbishments is an extremely important decision for any business. We can be relied upon to run projects smoothly and seamlessly. Our clients value not only our creative and problem-solving skills, but also our ability to spot and prevent potential issues before they occur. We ensure that we focus on clear communication which makes a positive difference.

Office fit out and refurbishment is a key part of a space utilisation. As part of an end-to-end service, we also look after the space planning and office design. Choosing the right company for your office fit out is an important decision.

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