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At Candour, we’ll specify, design and lead the implementation of Workplace Optimisation and Facilities Management services, mobilisations, transitions, operational delivery models, improvements, change programmes and supporting frameworks to improve the built environment. From a small office to a large estate, we can do your hard work for you.

Facilities Review

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At Candour, we’re proactive in our work, and in working most effectively with our clients, we can direct you to the opportunities that will give you a return on investment, and steer you away from the myths, mistakes and misguided advice you may have picked up elsewhere.

Clients often approach us wanting to review their business and facilities operations, and it’s something we offer to all clients as standard. This can be a simple review of an individual contract, or a more in-depth audit of your full estate management.

Our services really work well for clients interested in modifying or changing their company’s current operation, but who are unsure what they need to do – or who is best to lead them through it.

Reviewing and improving current service is a major goal for many business people, as the more productive their contracts and workforce become, the more value they can bring into their businesses. Through innovation, staff empowerment and education, we’ll give you the ‘can do’ boost you need to drive your property – and your business – forward.

Reception Area - Clean and colourful finish on a Central London office
Floorplate - Large business contact centre ready for occupation

Fit Outs and Refurbishment

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Office fit-outs and refurbishments are important concepts for any business to make decisions about. At Candour, we can’t make the decisions for you, but we can certainly take on the challenge to completion for you. Our clients value not only our creative and problem-solving skills, but also our ability to spot and prevent potential issues before they occur.

A good quality fit-out or refurbishment is a key part of any space utilisation. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact on the available space – and what that space is capable of providing you with in terms of return on investment. As part of an end-to-end service, we look after the space planning and office design of your project. It’s just a further way for us to look good whilst we make your property look good, too!

We can specify, source and install everything you need within your office fit-out and refurbishment, and without being tied, contracted or affiliated to one sole manufacturer or supplier, we’re able to recommend the best products and solutions for your particular situation. As well as office furniture, soft furnishings, storage and filing, this can include everything from partitions to flooring, and from air conditioning to lighting – so that you can truly appreciate how amazing your new space looks, of course.

Space Strategy

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Finding the right ratio of office space is a tough balancing act. As business booms, companies grow – and quickly grow out of their office spaces in the process. However, in today’s uncertain economy, we can understand the hesitance behind companies wanting to build or lease new spaces.

The solution to this problem? Creating a space strategy – that ultimately, well, creates you space! Making best use of technology and providing flexible work environments and contracts are proven sustainable solutions for business growth – without the cost, disruption or uncertainty of sourcing and paying for additional space.

If you’re wondering how this could work, what the impact would be, and how you’d even get started… you don’t need to worry. At Candour, we devise a strategy that covers you in your present state of business growth – and will stay with you as your successes soar further!

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Energy Management

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To be fully effective, Energy Management needs to be an integral part of an organisation’s wider management processes – and any corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. If you don’t have one of these, by the way, then we really need to talk.

The management of energy within workspaces is often neglected, even though there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs at all turns. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective energy management.

At Candour, we’ll help you achieve the optimum balance between environmental conditions, energy use and operating requirements, so that you can reduce consumption, carbon footprint and cost.

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