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Mental well-being and the working environment

There’s a lot more to moving or re-designing your office space than ensuring there are enough desks.

Get the design wrong and the workforce can feel depressed, unfocused and unproductive. So how do you get the design right?

Natural Light

Careful planning of the natural light available within a building can be impactful and can increase productivity through mental well-being.

Increasing the natural light in an office environment can be done by having an open-plan office with electronic privacy glass for conference rooms and break-out rooms.

Even having bright white or glass furniture will give the impression of more natural light.

Clean Air

It is also important for staff to work in an environment with clean, fresh air. However, for many offices, providing a garden or outside space isn’t always possible.

Therefore, when designing an effective office space careful consideration needs to be made regarding air conditioning units ensuring the air quality is clean.

Adding plants will also improve air quality as well as creating a calming atmosphere, encouraging mental well-being and therefore productivity.

Employee Involvement

Culture is a vital aspect of office design, and one that will affect the staff well-being and their productivity.

Where staff are seated has a big impact on how they work, so it is important to collaborate with the project manager to explain the dynamics of the workforce.

Departments which work closely together should be situated close together, and all of their working needs should be included in the office design from the outset.

Company growth is also a factor when designing an office space. Having an office which leaves no room for team growth and development can have a detrimental effect on the mental well-being of your staff.

These considerations could simply be in the form of mobile partitioning systems, meaning new office spaces could be created as and when needed.

Here at Candour we are able to specify, design and manage all aspects of your workspace design so why not give us a call to see what we can do to help you create a calming, productive working environment.

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