Productive Workplace?

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How does your workspace affect productivity?

The well-known saying “tidy space tidy mind” is a powerful one. An organised workspace can lead not only to a more relaxed mind, but also a more productive one.

This is something that employers should consider when designing their new office space. Few could argue that working in a bright, modern, clean environment helps them to focus and therefore by default increases their productivity.

So how can you as an employer design your space to tap into this increased productivity?

Clear Desk Policy

Employing a clear desk policy into the working environment will immediately make individual workspaces clean and tidy.

Visually this will be more appealing, but additionally documents are easier to find, resources are easier to collate and working processes become more streamlined. This in itself can make the workforce more productive as more time is spent working than looking for information.

Office Design

The office design itself can also greatly affect productivity.

For example, when designing the workspace thought should be given to the roles people do. Don’t have the printer and photocopier in the part of the office where the staff will be easily distracted by noise.

Noise can be a constant problem in open-plan offices, with those on the phones not being able to hear because of background noise or employees not being able to concentrate on complex pieces of work.

This is easily fixed through careful planning.

As an employer you can include quiet areas into your office design. This could be a meeting room, break-out area or sound-proofed nooks.

These spaces can be used to take the chatter out of an open-plan office as well as providing quiet spaces when needed.

Additionally, if the noise is from infrastructure such as air conditioning, heating or the boiler it may be worth investing in quieter, more efficient options.

Such simple changes can make all the difference to a working environment and can making staff happier and more productive.

If you would like to find out how Candour can help improve your productivity through an improved workspace give our team a call today.

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